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September 15, 2010

What to do in 9 months...

So, this job is a pretty sweet deal.  Not only will I be living near the beach, in a climate that rivals heaven, but;  I will also be breaking my back 12-18 long hard hours a week.  Now, I know that in some places their work day comprises more hours than that, so I must keep myself busy.  So here's what I've come up with:

Sleep some more,
Take a siesta,
Sleep again,

While this could probably continue the entire nine months (and no, I'm not trying to cover up a pregnancy), I've decided to be a little more productive.  So after several weeks of the above schedule I will be adding the following features to my blog:

A taste of two cities - I will be in the heart of the food capitol of the world according to Newsweek.
But, I met some pretty good cooks, and had some fantastic food in Salt Lake.  Being the gourmand that I am, I just can't afford to leave that behind.  That being said, food is expensive, so this will be a place to not only swap awesome tales of tapas, but also to share recipes.  I know y'all are wanting some good down south 'sol' food.  (In case you don't get the joke, I will be living on the Costa del Sol, try to keep up :)

Where in the world is Alex...San Diego? - OK, ok, so the title needs some work.  Here's the deal, I am going to be traveling all over, and I want you to guess where I am.  First, person to guess it gets a prize.  First I will just need you to fill out a form.  Please include name, account number, and pin.  Trust me...

R't NeW kVOw - At the suggestion of several friends on facebook, I will be taking many fotos for people to steal.  I guess if you take a million pictures odds are, one will turn out decent.  You be the judge.  But please, judge responsibly.