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October 16, 2010

Anyone up for a challenge?

As swimsuit season draws to a close, we enter the holiday danger zone.  I was pretty avid about working out at home.  This year I hoped to avoid the extra "presents" that I always seem to be left with after Christmas.  However, that idea is in jeopardy for several reasons:

A) Gyms here are horrible.
I went to the three closest ones to my house and they had row, after row of treadmills, but only one set of free weights.  Okay, so maybe they're not horrible.  I'm just spoiled.

B) Gyms here are MEGA expensive!
One gym charged 54 Euro, about 75 dollars, to use the gym three days a week.

C) Gyms here close for siesta, but don't seem to open back up.
Again, I'm just very spoiled.  Thanks 24...

So, in lieu of the circumstances I have chosen the less restrictive (FREE) method of weight training.  A friend recommended the following site:


That's right!  100 push-ups in six weeks.

Now, I need a gym buddy.  That is where you come in.  Surely, someone out there in CyberSpace is up for the challenge.  So, you, whomever you are, let's do this thing!  I'm proposing that we do this together.  We can help keep each other motivated, and help each other progress.  So... How 'bout it?

All the rest of you will be in for a treat, when in six short weeks I will have hulked my rippling pectorals through every shirt I own.  I will literally be forced to display my "100 Push-up Body" for all.  Or, at least so I've heard.


  1. This sounds awesome!

    I'm envisioning you doing push-ups in Spain, '80s movie montage-style. Getting more and more buff in every shot... Aha's "Take On Me" playing in the background.

  2. Hey, I'm in! I took the test and signed up for the list. So how do you wanna do this buddy?

  3. Ok, I did the pretest, and I feel like I'm going to die. I only did 26, and that last one was a bit of a stretch. How did you do?