Witty, interesting, refreshing... come see what Southern Spain has to offer

July 29, 2010

Please let me know if you're reading this.

I'm setting this up before I go and want to know who is actually interested.  So, before I blog a single post into the blogosphere let me know that you're there.  Call me, email me, or simply click follow.  You can even sign the guest book.

Possible topics to come...

Comical observations
Why I miss you all
And, why I don't miss a thing... :)


  1. I really wish you the best of luck in Spain and hope you will have the time of your life. In Addison don't forget to have as much fun as you possibly can while you are there.
    jimmy D

  2. Alex! I would love if you blogged! Please do I'll read your posts all the time! Miss you!

  3. We are excited to hear all about your new adventure! Blog away!!! We love you!!