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November 05, 2010

Not Yo' Mama's Field Trips

When my school invited me to accompany them on a field trip, I accepted without a second thought.  The most important thing I've learned - Spain is hardcore!

Field trip I was to Cordoba for a Math exhibit.  This was a bit more traditional.  We started out the day with a stop at the ruins of Medina Al-Zahara.
This was a palace-city built in 900 a.d. by a Califa for his favorite wife Zaraha.

Next stop... Plaza Mayor.  After a walk through the historic district, we ditched the kids and grabbed a "traditional" bite to eat called Flaminkin (I could swear it was just like Chicken Cordon Blue).
What was originally the prayer tower for ancient muslims, now the bell tower.

And the big finally... drum roll please.

Why maths?
Students playing interactive math games.

Field Trip Number II - Antequera

Senderismo (hiking) comes from the spanish word sendero meaning trail or path.  So it's fitting that for my first experience haciendo senderismo I went on the Antequera - Atenas (Antequera - Athens) trail, one of the longest hiking trails in the world.

This is when things get a little more hardcore.  While I'm used to climbing mountains, this stretch kicked my butt.  Why? you ask.  Not because it's tall, not because it's steep, but because it's mile after mile of rolling hills, in the middle of nothing.  There were only olive groves and us...
oh and maybe a few sheep.

So, the bus drops us off, and we walk 10 hours, approx. 15 miles.  Great times!  Although, my favorite part might have been when we stopped for lunch, and heard the refreshing shhhh-'Snap'-'PoP' like oh so many PBR's.  That's right, at least someone remembered a cold one for this extra-curricular activity.  So, all anecdotes aside, was it worth it?
You be the judge.

Field Trip III - "El Chorro"

So, if you thought the spanish take on hiking was interesting, wait until you get a load of orientacion.  Orientacion is a type of P.E. exam.  If you're expecting sit-ups and a stop watch, well, you got half of it right.  But this is way more intense then how many sit-ups you can do in 60 seconds.

Students are separated into pairs.  They are then brought to the finish line, where they are allowed to go one pair at a time.

 hey are given a topographical map before hand with specific points they have to locate.
At each point they have to find a flag with a hole punch.

So what do you think?  Think you could do it.  Well, here's a view of the course.
Good Luck!

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  1. No wonder Americans are fat and lazy compared to the rest of the world...Makes me tired just thinking about it!